Dear Adventurers,Project X Adventures has the simple mission to be the one-stop shop for adventure. Formed from my love of travel, adventure and seeing the world, I wanted to created something that would allow me to share that with more and more people. That could be taking a youth group on their first expedition outside of the UK, enabling them to try new and exciting activities, visiting amazing locations, experiencing the culture and meeting new people. Or perhaps a group of friends, family or colleagues on a day out in the UK, having a taster of activities such as climbing, clay pigeon shooting, powerboating or hill walking, working together, forming relationships and sharing the experience together. It could also be supplying good quality outdoor equipment to prepare you for whatever comes your way on your next adventure!

Whether we are providing your expedition, experience or kit – we apply our four principals of High Quality, Your Experience, Great Price and Independence to everything we do to ensure you have the best adventure possible!

Our Expeditions

These are primarily overseas expeditions to some of the world’s best kept secrets. They are designed with youth organisations at their core, using our experiences through Scouting and personal travels to provide groups with the right mix between high quality and excellent value for money, but ensuring that they are as safe as we can possibly make them. We want to transfer our knowledge and passion for travelling the world, and to pass this onto you and your group.

Our Experiences

These are one or two day adventures, usually based in the UK. They are designed to provide a taster of a particularly activity and a great way for a group of people to get to know each other better! Whether you are a group of family, friends or colleagues, we believe that a group taking part in a shared adventure will form a much stronger bond than more traditional ‘team building’ activities. These are also ideal for staff reward and a memorable day to mark a special occasion.

Our Store

Originally created to provide our clients with a simple way to get personal equipment organised for their adventure with us, we approached our favourite tried and tested brands to stock their products and now we have expanded our range to suit far more activities. We know how hard it is shopping for outdoor kit online, so we have made sure our product pages include as much information, as many high quality images and videos as we can and we have a no-fuss 30 day returns policy all to make the experience simpler for you! Also, our staff regularly use these products and brands, so please get in touch if you have any questions when shopping – there is bound to be someone here who can answer your query!

Our Team

We are a bit like a family (well, some of us are actually family)! We have a lot of experience working in event management and outdoor activities in a variety of situations from being active Scout Leaders to running live music events, and working to support conservation in Africa. We have worked to combine our knowledge, experience and love for the great outdoors to develop the business. We also work with some of the best technical advisors, freelance instructors, guides and activity providers around the world!

Our Location

Based in the heart of Oxfordshire, we are centrally placed in the country to easily get to the mountainous areas further north, the moorlands of the south, in between Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton and London’s airports and within easy reach the ferry services on the south coast.Our location is ideal for us travelling to meet with clients and for when we run events.

I hope that you find this brief overview of who we are, what we do and, more importantly, why we do it useful. Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you are interested in finding our more about any of our services!

Thank you very much for taking the time to have a look around!

Happy Adventuring,

George (Director)

Every aspect of our business is conducted to the highest quality we can possibly achieve. From our expeditions and experiences; where you’ll see during meetings with you, the quotation packs you receive and the activities planning and running of them; right the way through to the products for sale on our store, whether you’re ordering group kit for a Scout Group or gear for you travels and adventures. We will all exceed your expectations. This, mostly importantly means, that your adventures will be the most enjoyable and successful they can be, giving you the best possible experiences for your money!

We all know that customer satisfaction is key in every business, but we take this to the next level. However you interact with us, be it buying kit from our store, being a participant on one of our overseas expeditions or even joining us for a team building experience day in the countryside, your experience will be personal, informed, professional and exciting. You’ll get to know our staff through meetings, communications and our blogs; creating a stress free, and easy transition with us from individuals to adventurers!

We strive to provide fantastic experiences and always have the ability to negotiate with our suppliers, to get the best price we can, for you! We have great relationships with our brands, suppliers and activity providers, helping us to provide you with the best possible experience, but at the best price! We may not be the cheapest online store, or you may find a cheaper expedition provider elsewhere, however, our experience, knowledge, passion for travel and personal touch is all invaluable! You’ll be in more than safe hands with us, knowing that your money is going to help build the safest, highest quality experiences whilst helping us to protect the integrity of our brands and local suppliers.

Being independent has so many benefits to you and your experience with us. Every aspect of our business will be more personal and enjoyable than you could ever expect. We have the complete freedom to create bespoke packages, experiences and expeditions for everyone, we’re not tied into contracts with the largest suppliers; instead we meet with, personally inspect and do our due-diligence on every supplier or provider we use – to ensure you have the best and safest experience for that particular activity, location or product! Meaning, no matter where you go, or what you want to do, you’ll know you’ll have the local expects looking after your every need.