Good To Give – Luckies of London

Started in 2005 from a cupboard under the stairs, Luckies has created a range of innovative and unusual gift catering for everyone from adults, teenager and children. Their design team source their inspiration form all kind of things, places and experiences, pulling their talents together to create the most interesting and surprising gifts around.

Luckies are famously known for their Scratch Maps (our favourite product at Project X HQ!). They have been developed and re-imagined since day one of its conception in 2009. It now comes in a range of cool designs for everyone!

Here at Project X Adventures – we stock all things travel. All of the Luckies travel gifts have been greatly received by most of the team over the year. So we thought, why not share them with you! Whether you need a gift for someone else, or you’re treating your self; we never judge.

Visit their website here…

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Showing all 4 results