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Interior Comfort. External Performance – Anatom Boots

Over the decade’s history of Anatom Footwear, they have involved some of the world’s best fabric and sole technologies in the design and manufacture of their boots and shoes, as well as develop some of their own technologies!

It all starts with the internal shape of the footwear. As of January 2015, they have measured 55K pairs of feet and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. They have approached our footwear from a different direction to other bootmakers.

They have developed their own combination shape that fits around the heel perfectly, holding the heel bone and Achilles area secure preventing rubbing and blisters. The arch of the foot is very sleek and then they open up the toe box into a generous shape that allows your toes to spread and feel very natural and comfortable. With Anatom footwear it’s the fit that really counts!

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