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NosiLife Clothing from Craghoppers

How does Anti-Insect clothing work?

Craghoppers NosiLife technology offers outstanding defence against most biting insects, for the lifetime of the garment. These products are easy to wash and do not require any ongoing maintenance or treatment update, it is built-in the clothing! The NosiLife range builds on Craghoppers unrivalled reputation for creating long-lasting, durable and dependable clothing for any adventure.

Key Features of NosiLife Clothing

Designed for use in hotter climates, the NosiLife range incorporates a moisture-wicking technology to absorb moisture from the skin. As a result, you are kept cool and comfortable in the heat. These products also incorporate clever features such as cooling collars and waistbands, SolarShield protection collars, quick-drying fabric and hidden pockets. But with all these features, these products are still very lightweight and packable. They’ve thought of everything that an adventurer will need to hand!

Our recommendation

The NosiLife range is a great addition to your insect protection, particularly when travelling to tropical destinations. But we also recommend you look at using insect repellent sprays as well to keep you safe!

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