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Established in 1923 and with over 97 years of manufacturing experience, Evernew are known for their lightweight titanium cookware. Their core Ultra Light range is handmade in Tsubame, Japan.

The focus on using Titanium came about in the early 1990’s when Toshio Shiina, development manager, realised that the material would address the challenges of weight and durability. Following the decision to use Titanium Evernew searched for the right facilities for their manufacturing. It wasn’t long before production moved from Tokyo to Tsubame where it has remained since.

Constructed by hand with master craftsmanship through a mix of moulding, welding and pressing they have been able to create titanium cookware that’s only 0.3mm thick. This means that it’s 20% lighter than the common 0.4mm titanium used by the competition.

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