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We are delighted to announce that KitJam | Fuel is now available online at Project X!

KitJam | Fuel is a race and adventure menu planner and with thousands of races and adventures on their database, your nutrition planning for events just got a lot easier! Born out of a frustration of planning nutrition and minimum calorie requirements for races and adventures, KitJam created KitJam | Fuel so you can select your entire race or adventure menu at the click of a button!

Try it out [here] and get all you need for your next race or expedition.

This month we’re focusing on one of the biggest multi-day races in the calendar, the Marathon des Sables. This infamous race in the Sahara desert is growing and they’ve added a second race of the same format in Peru, 250km over 6 days. You can access your Marathon des Sables Peru menu here and below we’ve given you some pro kit tips for the event from KitJam founders, Aaron and Jenny – check it out here!

Enjoy and happy racing!