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The Trangia Stove is perfect for use on expeditions, especially The Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions. This is our ‘How to Guide’ for using a Trangia.

Setting up a Trangia

1. Attach the base to the pot holder

2. Set up the burner:

For a spirit burner, fill up with methylated spirits and place in the hole in the base. And for a gas burner, fit into the base and attach to the gas canister.

3. Light the Trangia: Hold the match just above the methylated spirit and the fumes will ignite. If your flame gets too hot, use the reducer ring to limit the size of your flame. To light the gas, open the valve and hold a match just above the burner. You can adjust the flame size, by using the gas valve.

4. You are ready to cook

Putting out a Trangia

To put out a spirit burner it is very easy, either it will run out, or you carefully drop the lid on top of the flame.

To put out a gas burner, you just turn the gas valve off.


Trangia Safety

When using a Trangia you need to remember safety.

  • It is very important you never use your Trangia inside a tent. Whilst burning, harmful carbon monoxide fumes are produced, so use it in an open space. They get very hot, so it is important to use it somewhere, where you won’t set fire to anything else, damp grass or a clear ground it perfect to use a Trangia.
  • You can burn yourself on a Trangia, so it’s important to use the pot gripper when moving any part of the Trangia that could still be very hot. (But never leave to gripper on a pot when cooking, they can get very hot too!!)
  • You should leave your Trangia alone when you have finished cooking and you have put out the flame. This it to let it cool down completely before you pack it away.
  • Never refill a hot spirit burner, you should carry two, so when your burner goes out, you can use your spare to refill. Methylated spirit is highly flammable.
  • To carry your methylated spirit, you should use a tough bottle with a stopper, rather than just pouring the spirits and risking a spillage causing a fire.
  • Vango have created a range of eco-friendly gels for use with Trangia stoves. Keep an eye out on our store over the next couple of weeks for more information about these!


What can you use a Trangia for?

They are brilliant for expeditions, due the their light weight, and their compact design.

You can cook many different things on them, ration packs are the easiest, with the least washing up. But you can cook proper meals too! Here at Project X we have experimented over the years. We’ve cooked pasta, soup, pancakes, even chocolate cake. They hold a lot of potential!!

Top Tip

Think carefully about the items that you need for your meals during your expedition. If you are only boiling ration packs, then leave the second pan and kettle out to lighten the load!


We hope you found our guide to using a Trangia useful, but if you have any other ideas, why not join in the conversation and comment below!

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