Explore Tanzania.

Explore Tanzania from your own sofa! We’ve partnered with the Kilombero Valley Ornithological Centre to create interactive virtual tours for young people and groups. Here’s our activity pack we designed to complement our tours but is perfect for homeschooling too.

Explore Tanzania Activity PackDownload

Outdoor Skills.

How To Use A CompassDownload

Adventure Wordsearches.

Can you find all of the words? Perfect for Geography and Science lessons – learn about nature, mountains, animals in the UK and beyond!

World Mountains WordsearchDownload
UK Birds WordsearchDownload
UK Mountains WordsearchDownload
UK National Parks WordsearchDownload
UK Wildlife WordsearchDownload

Famous Explorer Mazes.

Help these famous explorers reach their destinations! From discovering America to climbing Mount Everest – these explorers need you help to get through the maze.

Christopher Columbus MazeDownload
Edmund Hillary MazeDownload
Ranulph Fiennes MazeDownload

Stay at Home Adventure Activities.

Our Adventure Activities help to get you outside and trying out new things! Designed to not only teach you new skills but learn about the safety and theory behind the skills.

Shelter Building ActivityDownload
Bracelet Paracord Craft ActivityDownload
Keyring Person Paracord Craft ActivityDownload
Lanyard Paracord Craft ActivityDownload

Scout Programme and Badge Resources.

Beavers Animal Friend Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Book Reader Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Builder Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Cook Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Creative Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Cyclist Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Gardener Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Health and Fitness Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Hobbies Activity BadgeDownload
Beavers Photographer Activity BadgeDownload