Want a durable phone case, that you can use for running, cycling, and driving? The Quad Lock might be for you!

The Case:

The case itself is brilliant, it protects the phone, including the buttons. On the back you have the locking system, it is built into the case, meaning your phone is always protected. It doesn’t get in the way and is simple just an indented section of the case.

If you want to be able to use your phone whilst out and about, and don’t want to worry about the weather, you can use the Quad Lock Poncho. It is a clear case which fits over your phone. It is a great way to ensure your phone doesn’t get wet. The design of the poncho allows you to get full use of your phone, even touch screen!

If Quad Lock don’t do the case for your phone, you can still use the Quad Lock mounts! They have a universal adapter, which can be attached to almost any device, using the 3M VHB adhesive. It can adhere to most flat surfaces, but you should always check how secure the adapter is before you go off adventuring, you don’t want to smash your device! But unfortunately you can’t use the poncho covers


The Mounts:

  • Bike Mount:

Here at Project X, we think this mount is great! It attaches simply to your bike frame, either using bands, allowing you to remove the mount or with zip ties, making it a permanent part of your bike. It is super light but very strong.

You can attach it to your handlebars, meaning you can easily glance your phone, whilst cycling.

To use this mount with your Quad Lock Case or Adapter, you simply lock your device in place. Once you hear the click your know it is secure and will not go anywhere! To unlock your phone, your push the blue part of the mount down, to release.


  • Run Mount:

The concept of this mount is identical to the bike mount. You lock your phone, hear the click, and push the blue part of the mount to release the phone. Meaning your phone cannot go anywhere whilst you are running!

It is a super light lycra band, with easy velcro to secure, to fit any size arm.


  • Car Mount:

The car mount is another great mount. Simple attach to your window with a suction cup and lock your phone straight on to it. This mount does not need to lock into place, but it is still very secure for driving. The car mount also comes with a dash pad. It is a pad with adhesive to stick to your dash, meaning you can place the mount anywhere you want in your car.


Would Project X Recommend the Quad Lock?

Here at Project X we love the Quad Lock, we all use the mounts regularly. We love how you only need one case and a few mounts, to get full use out of it. There’s no fuss having to remove cases or squeezing your phone into waterproof pouches, etc!

We are looking into trying out a few more mounts, that have recently come out! But we hope you love it, just as much as us!

We hope you found our Kit Review on the Quad Lock useful, but if you have any other ideas, why not join in the conversation and comment below!

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