All of the brands here in our Kit Store are our team’s favourites. We try and test almost every brand and product we can to ensure our customers get the most out of their kit! Our team have all live in Teko socks, and after trying most of the brands out there, Teko have quickly become our favourite socks by far. Here is why we love them so much:


Another merino sock brand? Teko are more than that. Over the years, Teko have researched and tested to produce the most sustainable yet high performing socks they can. With a blend of fibres for maximum comfort, durability and great fit. Teko’s passion for the outdoors is the key to them producing a great quality sock. They know that a bad sock can ruin your outdoor adventures, so strive to produce enhancing socks.

There are a few fundamentals to picking the right Teko sock. You need to choose your sport/activity and then the fibre. It all depends on climate, activity and support required, but there is sure to be the perfect sock for everybody.


The Fibres

There are three fibres that make up Teko’s range of socks. Each are sustainably sourced to produce a high quality, eco-friendly sock.

The M3RINO.XC fibre is made from merino wool grown and produced in Chile. The wool is then transported to Italy, to be cleaned, combed and washed in a Bluesign certified process to produce an eco-friendly, shrink free sock. This fibre is knitted into Ski, Hike and Cycle socks, with more cushioning and warmth for colder conditions. This fibre naturally contains lanolin which has antimicrobial properties along with being a water repellent. This means you can wear this fibre for a multi-day walking adventure and only need one or two pairs of socks!!

The SIN3RGI  fibre is made from merino wool grown and produced in Chile, then dyed and spun with recycled polyester before being knitted in Venice, Italy. This fibre is knitted into Ski, Run, Cycle and Hiking socks, producing a lightweight sock for medium temperatures. This is a durable fibre with natural anti-microbial properties.

The EVAPOR8 fibre is made from collecting all the waste polyamide around the world, mainly in the form of fishing nets. This can then be made into ECONYL regenerated yarns, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This fibre is knitted into Run and Cycle socks, to produce a sock with more breathability for warmer climates.

Teko Sock Features

The SKI range has been designed to be comfortable and warm, but also have the performance fit. Here are just a few of Teko Ski socks, many features:

  • Seamless toe – to avoid blisters.
  • Achilles wrap – for extra support.
  • Breathable mesh areas.
  • Shin protection.

The HIKING range has been designed for maximum comfort for long days walking. Here are a few of the features in the Teko HIKING socks:

  • Seamless toes – to avoid blisters.
  • Anti-crumple fit – to avoid rubbing.
  • Cushioned areas – to improve overall comfort.
  • Reinforced areas – to improve the durability of the sock.

The Run range has been designed for high performance in warmer conditions. There are many features to ensure you get the most out of your Teko RUN socks, here are just a few:

  • Achilles wrap – for more support.
  • Seamless toes – to avoid blisters.
  • Cushioned areas – to improve comfort.
  • Arch support – to ensure support and performance.

The CYCLE range has been designed to ensure you have maximum comfort on whatever terrain. For high performance there are a lot of features, here are just a few of the Teko CYCLE socks:

  • Reflective safety – to ensure you can always be seen.
  • Mesh breathability.
  • Reinforced toe and heel – for maximum durability.
  • Shin protection.teko-mtb

Would Project X Recommend Teko Socks?

Yes! All of our team at Project X HQ love them. They are our go to socks for any adventure. With the guarantee you will have happy feet after a hard day adventuring, they are the ultimate brand of sock.

Our team are always trying out new brands to find the best products to share. Meaning we have been through many a blister in search of our favourite socks!

They are made to a high quality, with multiple features, many other sock brands don’t include, for maximum performance. We also love that they are all sustainably produced, especially the EVAPOR8 fibre.

Why not have a browse through our range of Teko Socks….

Here is a review from The Great Outdoors Magazine:


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