We are delighted to announce that KitJam | Fuel is now available online at Project X.

KitJam | Fuel is a race and adventure menu planner and with thousands of races and adventures on their database, your nutrition planning for events just got a lot easier! Born out of a frustration of planning nutrition and minimum calorie requirements for races and adventures, KitJam created KitJam | Fuel so you can select your entire race or adventure menu at the click of a button!

Try it out here (find it at the top right of our store home page!) and get all you need for your next race or expedition.

This month we’re focusing on one of the biggest multi-day races in the calendar, the Marathon des Sables. This infamous race in the Sahara desert is growing and they’ve added a second race of the same format in Peru, 250km over 6 days. You can access your Marathon des Sables Peru menu here and below we’ve given you some pro kit tips for the event from KitJam founders, Aaron and Jenny.

Enjoy and happy racing!

Marathon des Sables | Peru

Top 5 Kit Items

Lifeventure Titanium Long Spoon

The longest spoon we’ve found and it’s available at Project X. We’ve learnt the hard way that hygiene in multi-day racing is key if you’re to avoid tummy bugs and illness. Long handled spoons are essential for keeping your grubby hands as far away as possible from your exquisite dehydrated meals. Jenny once saw a runner at the Marathon des Sables who’d picked up an explosive tummy bug from bad hygiene and with only one pair of shorts for the entirety of the race, let’s just say he had a really tough week…
Weight: 21 grams

Lifesystems Mountain SPF50 Suncream Combi Stick 20ml

It goes without saying that you need extensive sun protection when you’re racing across a soaring hot desert for a week. SPF50 hits the mark and this combi stick is fantastic as it has a handy SPF50 lip balm too. Dried and cracked lips in hot multi-day races is the bane of racing for all competitors. Seemingly so minor yet it can really put you off your stride and makes drinking and eating very painful. Don’t let it get to that point by taking this lightweight combi stick with you, there isn’t a lighter combination of suncream with lip balm. Safety first kids!
Weight: 20 grams

Science in Sport GO Powder 50g

To help you GO and cover every single one of those 250kms! This powder is carb-loaded magic, tastes delicious and Aaron is a huge fan! It also comes in handy 50g sachets for your week of racing and will definitely be recommended to you when using KitJam | Fuel to build your race menu. This and other tasty treats await to get you to your compulsory minimum calorie requirement of 14,000kcals for the 6 stages of this race.
Weight: 50 grams

Petzl Tikka Headtorch

This item is compulsory and as the race is self-sufficient, lightweight kit is always paramount and the headtorch is no exception. This Petzl one is a classic, – Aaron used it in Marathon des Sables 2015 and it’s incredibly reliable! Nobody wants a failing headtorch when running 80-90kms through the night and its 80 lumen output is perfect to allow you to see what’s coming next after that sand dune… even if it’s just another sand dune.
Weight: 85 grams

Garmin Forerunner 230

We’ve tried multi-day races both with and without our running watches and for us they’re a necessity for so many reasons. Helps you strategise your water and fuel intake between checkpoints (usually every 10k or so) and from a psychological perspective it is so handy to see those kilometres ticking over. Leave the HRM strap at home though, it uses up battery and you don’t need it out in the desert. Trust us, your heart rate will be high enough!
Weight: 41 grams

Are you taking part in the inaugural edition of the Marathon des Sables Peru? We’d love to hear from you!

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